FAQ – Borrow

five years. 

30 years.

For variable-rate home loans or during the variable-rate period of loans with a reviewable fixed rate, early repayment or repayments exceeding the amount stipulated in the contract are possible free of charge. 

Otherwise, an indemnity, of which you will be informed upon simple request, will be payable to the bank.


If you are buying for the first time and for your own requirements in the territory of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, you are entitled to a tax credit for the deed costs, in the amount of EUR 20,000 for yourself and EUR 40,000 for a couple.

If you are buying a house or apartment as an investment or second home, your financial plan should include deed costs equalling 7-8% of the purchase price.

Through its partner La Bâloise, ING Luxembourg can provide you with a quote as well as the formalities for your home loan's death cover and invalidity insurance. For our personal loans we offer death cover with Foyer Vie Luxembourg that is included in the loan's monthly instalment.

If your financial situation allows, we shall offer refinancing for the balance of your existing loan with the new one, so you will only have one monthly instalment to pay.

All our personal loans are offered at fixed rates.

To encourage the purchase of environmentally friendly vehicles, ING Luxembourg offers a discount on its rates for its "green" loans. Please ask at your branch for further details.

Yes, two people do not necessarily have to marry to take out a loan.

After signing the agreements and if the approval conditions are fulfilled, the personal loan can be released on the same day directly at the branch.

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