General terms and conditions for the ING Solidarity Awards contest

1. General information

1.1. The competition

As part of the ING Solidarity Awards competition, ING Luxembourg S.A., whose registered office is at 26 Place de la Gare, L-2965 Luxembourg (hereinafter "ING") is holding a major competition between 12 September 2018 and 21 November 2018 as part of its proactive corporate social responsibility approach.

1.2. Object of the exercise

ING is looking to reward and support the Luxembourg charity sector. 

The ING Solidarity Awards competition is open to any Luxembourg non-profit organisation/foundation or “société d’impact societal” (SIS) that is based in Luxembourg and meets the requirements of Article 1.5 of these Rules. 

1.3 Description of the competition:

This competition offers the possibility of taking part in two types of competition and in two votes: 

  1.  the "Online Vote" competition (= part 1), in which participating charities/foundations/SIS that meet the requirements set out in these Rules can submit their candidature to ING no later than midnight on 10 October 2018 using the form available on the website

    Web users can vote for a participating charity or foundation of their choosing on the website The first 30 charities and foundations that garner the most votes between 24 October 2018 and midday on 13 November 2018 will win a prize of EUR 1,000.

  2. the "Panel Vote" competition (= part 2, optional), in which participating charities/foundations/SIS can propose a project by submitting their candidature to ING before midnight on 10 October 2018 by registering via the same procedure as for the Online Vote competition, with the additional requirement that they must fill in specific fields in the online registration form for projects submitted to the Panel Vote.

    At the end of said process, the projects submitted will be voted on by a Panel. 

    Charities/foundations/SIS wishing to take part in the Panel Vote will therefore be taking part in both the Online Vote competition submitted to a vote by web users and the Panel Vote submitted to a vote by Panel. They may thus win a prize in both parts of this competition. 

    The projects will be ranked in three categories and six projects in total, which will be chosen and rewarded by the Panel depending on the impact of the project and the size of the charity/foundation/SIS. 

    The three categories: 

    1. "Humanitarian Aid": humanitarian projects by charities working on improving people's quality of life or on respect for life. 
    2. "Integration": charitable projects working on social adaptation or inclusion, or on fostering social links between individuals; 
    3. "Other": charitable projects working for the good in areas other than humanitarian aid or integration. 

For each category, two projects will be rewarded by the Panel:

A prize for a 100% volunteer-run charitable project, and a prize for a charity with at least one employee.

1.4. Amount of donations

ING is putting up a total of EUR 60,000. 

This amount will be distributed as follows: 

  • EUR 1,000 for each of the thirty charity/foundation/SIS that wins the Online Vote competition;

  • EUR 5,000 per charity/foundation/SIS, for humanitarian or integration and other projects, to three 100% volunteer-run charities or foundations with no employees, that won the Panel Vote competition;

  • EUR 5,000 per charity/foundation/SIS, for humanitarian or integration and other projects, to three 100% partially volunteer-run charities or foundations with at least one employee, that won the Panel Vote competition.

1.5. Eligibility criteria

Any non-profit charitable organisation, foundation or SIS with civil personality, duly registered in the Trade and Companies Register and whose registered office is in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg can take part in the competition (hereinafter the "Participant".

A charitable organisation or SIS acquires civil personality with effect from the day on which its Articles of Association are published in the Mémorial, Recueil des Sociétés et Associations, but a foundation only acquires civil personality when its Articles of Association have been approved by Grand Ducal decree.

Only Participants that meet the following requirements can be candidates:

  • having been in existence for at least 12 months on 24 October 2018;

  • having been accredited for at least 12 months on 24 October 2018, as a SIS by the competent Minister (criteria only required for the SIS not for organisations/foundations)

  • for the Panel Vote competition, having a project of national or international scope;

  • to have duly filled in the registration form(s) corresponding to the competition(s) selected;

  • for Participants in the Panel Vote competition, to have produced their most recent published annual financial statements;

  • not being a winner in the 2017 Panel Vote competition. However, Participants that won the 2017 Panel Vote competition can register for the 2018 Online Vote competition provided that they meet the other eligibility requirements.    

ING reserves the right to eliminate any Participant at any point during the competition with no explanation required, especially if one or more of the following situations arises:

  • a Participant fails to comply with the legal, accounting and tax rules in force;

  • a Participant incites racist, xenophobic, violent, fascist, sexist, nationalist or other discriminative behaviour towards certain groups of people;

  • a Participant submits photographs that are slanderous or whose content is illicit or contrary to human dignity;

  • a Participant fails to display values that guarantee that its activities are available to beneficiaries irrespective of any ideological, philosophical or religious considerations, and the beneficiary of the services is entitled to privacy and respect for his or her religious and philosophical convictions;

  • a Participant has direct or indirect links with countries that are considered to be Non-Cooperative Countries and Territories (NCCT) by the Financial Action Task Force (FATF);

  • a Participant has the characteristics of a trade union; 

  • a Participant has made false statements or has submitted one or more documents that turned out to be have been falsified or are inaccurate and/or incomplete;

  • a Participant that generally fails to promote the image sought and/or values promoted by ING Luxembourg.

2. Terms of participation

2.1. Scope and acknowledgement of the Terms of participation

By submitting its candidacy, a Participant confirms its acceptance of all of these rules.

2.2 Manager

Participants designate a contact person that is one of its authorised managers. The contact person confirms that they have sufficient authorisations to act for and on behalf of the Participant.

2.3 Procedure and Execution

2.3.1. Cost

Taking part in the competition is free, with no obligation to buy. Each Participant must pay its own costs incurred in connection with the competition. ING will not reimburse any charges or costs.

2.3.2. Submission

Participants submit their candidacies by filling in the ad hoc form online via the website When so requested, the Participant's legal representative must produce a copy of the mandate authorising it to act on behalf of the charity or the foundation, together with the Participant's bank details in Luxembourg (RIB).

If a Participant also wishes to take part in the Panel Vote competition, it must fill in the second part (Part 2) of the online registration form.

The following additional information is required:

  • scope of the project: national (Luxembourg) or international;

  • a succinct description of the project, including the following information: What is your project? What are its aims? How will it be implemented? What are the expected results?

  • the impact of the project in terms of: number of beneficiaries, budget allocated, number of persons involved in running the project, societal impact (community, environment, etc.);

  • the Participant must enclose a recent financial statement with the form. 

Only one registration per Participant is permitted.

The fields provided in the online registration form must be duly filled in (such name, address, telephone no., email address, etc.). ING reserves the right to vet or screen the candidacies submitted.

Participants may file the charity's/foundation's/SIS’ logo via the website The size of the logo is restricted to 2MB. Participants must ensure that they have the necessary authorisations to submit a candidacy for and on behalf of the charity/foundation/SIS, and must comply with intellectual property legislation.

Participants may file a photograph directly via the website The size of this image is restricted to 2MB. The permitted formats are: jpg, jpeg, gif, png. Participants must ensure that any persons appearing in the photograph to be published on the website have given them permission to do so. To avoid legal disputes, photographs must not contain anything that could offend public decency and/or order.

Participants may also file a video link via the website Participants must ensure that any persons appearing in the video to be published on the website have given them permission to do so. To avoid legal disputes, videos must not contain anything that could infringe public decency and/or order.

ING reserves the right to decide whether photographs or video links submitted meets the content requirements stipulated in these Rules.

It may also remove them at any time without explanation; complaints or pecuniary claims will not be accepted from the Participants.

Participants shall hold ING harmless in respect of any direct or indirect loss or damage that results from the use of the information published on the website on the initiative of the Participant or its representative.

Each Participant certifies that it owns the media and/or photographs, drawings and ideas supplied and did not base them on an existing work.

For further details about the terms and conditions of participation please send an email to: