OLAmobile: Technology, People, Results.

Have your smartphone ever shown you the advert of the perfect game for you? Then, you’ve likely experienced a fragment of what OLAmobile is doing…

Launched in 2011, OLAmobile is a company based in Luxembourg with a young spirit and a cutting-edge, inventive culture.  It is one of the key players in the marketing performance and mobile advertising industry and continues to grow at an impressive rate.

The company offers mobile marketing solutions to advertisers, providing information about their actual return on investment, easing their decision-making process, and guaranteeing greater efficiency. Its platforms also allow publishers to monetize their mobile web spaces on a global scale, through advertising. To sum up in a few figures, OLAmobile showcases more than 6 billion clicks per month, driven by 130.000 publishers, and has over 2.000 active campaigns.

A fast growing company

The past 3 years have been amazing for the OLAmobile Group. The luxembourgish group went from being a company of 40 employees to more than 150 employees of 22 nationalities in 6 offices around the world. In 2017, OLAmobile acquired the two German brands IconPeak and BidderPlace and it is now structured around 4 complementary brands:

Mobidea: a network specialized in mobile offers for affiliate marketers
Mobrand: wide range of monetization solutions for CPI advertising. It allows app developers to use a wide variety of predefined advertising units or develop native ad placements
Iconpeak: Intermediary for publisher and app advertisers. It helps publishers monetize their ad space and advertisers grow their user database.
BidderPlace: Self-service mobile performance marketing network for publishers and advertisers. 

Strong roots in Luxembourg

A successful company knows how to surround itself with strong and reliable partners.

ING Luxembourg is proud to be part of this adventure by helping OLAmobile secure the deal of both brands IconPeak and BidderPlace.

Antoine Moreau, CEO of OLAmobile: “With IconPeak and BidderPlace we acquire two of the fastest growing performance-based advertising networks in Europe. The growth trajectory of both companies has been highly impressive in the past years and those are two successful and profitable companies that we are now looking forward to become the global market leader in the mobile performance marketing space”.

The University of Luxembourg is also onboard with a partnership signed with their Interdisciplinary Centre for Security, Reliability and Trust (SnT). This partnership is focused in the field of "self-learning" algorithms in order to allow better and more targeted advertising of mobile apps.

So, next time you see an ad on your mobile, you’ll know that a Luxembourgish company might be behind the algorithm…

Do you want to learn more about this dynamic company?

Please, take a look at their website: www.olamobile.com