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Do you want to stay on top of your account(s)? ING helps you by alerting you with push notifications on your mobile device or via email. By activating the alerts you will, for example, receive a notification as soon as your balance drops below a certain amount.

Product alerts

Accounts alerts

Payments: When paying an amount above the defined limit
Incoming funds: When receiving  an amount above the defined limit
Account balance: Once the balance of your account reaches the treshold you have set
Blocked payment (automatic): You will be alerted in case of blocked payment

Visa alerts

Payments: For every Visa payment or only for those exceeding a preset threshold
Incoming fundsIn case of a reimbursement or release of a blocked amount Available balance: When your account available balance goes under your set limit

Investment alerts

Receive your portfolio performance each week

General alerts

New message on My ING:

Once a new message is available in your secured messaging

New document on My ING

Once a new document is available in your document box

EU Cross Border transactions :

When a new non EUR transaction is done in the EU

How to set up your alerts ?

You’re using the My ING application

  • If necessary, update your My ING app through your store (App Store or Google Play).
  • After logging in, go to “My Alerts” and select the alerts you want to activate.
  • Go to “My Alerts” – “Preferences” and tick the box “Enable push notifications.”

You haven’t downloaded the MY ING app yet? 

  • Download the My ING application from the App Store or Google Play. 
  • After logging in, go to “My Alerts” and select the alerts you want to activate.
  • Go to “My Alerts” – “Preferences” and tick the box “Enable push notifications.”

ING Luxembourg S.A. uses trade names to designate some services linked to a payment account and invites consumers to refer to the glossary provided in the General Terms and Conditions of the Bank and in the Pricing Extract in order to identify the corresponding terms on the standardised list of services.

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