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ING Aria Lion Funds

We are now transforming our ING Luxembourg’s flagship investment product, Aria Lion, so that it can be fully sustainable soon.

Your assets are managed by our experts in portfolio management, therefore you are not required to follow the financial markets in order to decide in which stocks, sectors or regions it is advisable to invest in. We take care of this for you.

Your assets managed by our portfolio management experts
A sicav made up of some of the best-performing funds in the market
Active portfolio management
Flexibility and risk management
Regular and proactive monitoring
No entry or exit fees, no custody charges.
A choice of five risk profiles

What is ING Aria Lion Funds?

A turnkey solution! Your assets are managed by our portfolio management experts, so you do not need to monitor the financial markets to find out which equities, sectors or regions would make prudent investments. We do that for you.

ING Aria Lion Funds is what is generally known as a fund of funds. It's a SICAV investing in other investment funds, under the care of various managers and targeting long-term growth.

A SICAV is a company that aims to reap maximum benefits by managing the assets entrusted to it in line with its management rules.

Active portfolio management

ING Luxembourg selected the best funds on the market to create ING Aria Lion Funds. This means your portfolio is diversified and risk is under control.

  • Responsiveness: our experts are continually adapting the portfolio depending on market conditions and events, as well as the economic outlook, in order to benefit from the best opportunities.
  • Flexibility: while following your investor profile, the manager is free to branch out from the benchmark index to take the most interesting opportunities for you.
  • Risk management: if an asset class is temporarily subject to heightened risk, our managers control this by reducing the weighting of this asset if they believe this appropriate. 

Regular and proactive monitoring

Whichever fund is chosen, ING Luxembourg offers:

  • A daily net asset value
  • Daily monitoring of portfolio risks
  • Your portfolio value available at any time via Online Banking
  • Subscription and sale available at any time via My ING

A full range

ING's range of Lion funds includes 5 different risk profiles. According to your predefined risk appetite and investor profile, you and your Relationship manager choose the fund that best suits your situation and objectives.

* possible deviation of +/- 15%

Simplified fee structure

ING opts for simplicity by avoiding multiple fees (for the purchase, sale or annual custody of securities, etc.):

  • No entry or exit fees, no custody charges: As portfolio manager, ING Luxembourg is paid 1.3% to 1.9% directly by the investment fund, depending on the profile. The total costs (running costs needed to operate the fund) vary between 2% and 2.8%. ING Luxembourg does not bill you for any extra costs.
  • You choose whether you wish to receive regular dividends (distribution) or completely and automatically reinvest profits (capitalisation).

We go green!

As a company and a player in society, ING conducts business honestly and responsibly, taking current and future generations into consideration.


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You need a bank where convenience is paramount. And where you don't pay too much. ING is such a bank. Moreover, we understand your perseverance. So that you, for example with a variable income are eligible for a mortgage.

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ING wish to support investments and the continuous local and international development of your small or medium-sized company via its personnalised solutions and advices.

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Financial company You are a Luxembourg financial company (holding, SOPARFI) and wish to have good management of your accounts.

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You are a real estate investor, real estate developer or builder / developer operating in Luxembourg, of an intermediate size, with banking and project financing needs.

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You are a public institution, a municipality or a non-profit association and you are looking for a new local banking partner.


You are a newly created innovative company, looking for investment funds, with real potential for economic growth.

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