Financing solutions

Investment credit

An investment credit is a medium- to long-term credit intended to finance the acquisition or replacement of fixed assets in full or in part, to maintain or increase the company's productivity.

The amounts borrowed are in principle unlimited and can be withdrawn on one or several occasions in accordance with the project's progress. The term varies depending on the economic life of the investment, the minimum period being three years. The credit is repaid in accordance with the object financed and the company's treasury requirements. 

Equipment Credit

The equipment credit is one of the tools of the Société Nationale de Crédit et d'Investissement – or "SNCI", Luxembourg's national credit and investment corporation – to promote non-industrial and trading businesses that favour the Grand Duchy's economic development. It involves long-term cofinancing granted jointly by ING and the SNCI with a view to funding depreciable property, plant and equipment and amortisable intangible assets, as well as land serving exclusively for professional purposes.

Under certain conditions, the SNCI's participation allows companies to enjoy beneficial fixed interest rates applicable to investment credits. It is the SNCI that sets this interest rate. In order to receive an equipment credit, ING Luxembourg submits a request to the SNCI, which decides on accepting the application.

ING's business advisors are available to provide companies with information, in particular regarding the various forms of state aid. 

Fixed advance

The Fixed Advance is a lending of a given amount and for a fixed period, intended for financing of new investment. 

The duration is one to five years for medium-term straight advances.

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