Are you a real estate player/local or regional building and public works company and do you plan on financing a real estate project, an investment or your operating cycle?

We offer tailored financing solutions for your projects and activities in Luxembourg:



Hybrid sectors


Our clients include local and regional medium-sized real estate players, such as fund or club deal investment structures, professional investors, building and public works companies and real estate promoters with recognised know-how.

Our financing solutions include mortgages, purchase and construction financing products, investment financing and short- and medium-term working capital based on the use of cash flow. Our financing activities for real estate projects are focused on residential or hybrid sectors, but also occasionally on offices and commercial property.

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Local company

ING wish to support investments and the continuous local and international development of your local company via its personnalised solutions and advices.

Self employed or liberal profession

You need a bank where convenience is paramount. And where you don't pay too much. ING is such a bank. Moreover, we understand your perseverance. So that you, for example with a variable income are eligible for a mortgage.

Financial company

You are a Luxembourg financial company (holding, SOPARFI) and wish to have good management of your accounts.

Real estate professional

You are a real estate investor, real estate developer or builder / developer operating in Luxembourg, of an intermediate size, with banking and project financing needs.

Our financing solutions include mortgages, acquisition, and construction financing products, as well as short and medium-term working capital and investment financing based on cash flow

Institutional client

You are a public institution, a municipality or a non-profit association and you are looking for a new local banking partner.


You are a newly created innovative company, looking for investment funds, with real potential for economic growth.

Are you a company with international needs?

ING and its advisers support you in the development of your business in Luxembourg and internationally.