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Securities custody


An ING custody account is user-friendly, safe and attractively priced.

Luxembourg ING takes care of the custody of your securities and you no longer have to worry about the management, interim due dates, risks of theft and so on.

Your Benefits

Value of all your coupons (bonds, savings certificates, etc.) paid into your account on the precise due date itself. So there’s no need for you to visit your branch;
ING Luxembourg keeps you informed about all transactions (splits, mergers, issue of warrants, etc.) that are important to the securities in your portfolio;
ING Luxembourg ensures you are up-to-date on new investment opportunities;
you keep no securities at home. So there’s no risk of theft;
ability to reconcile listed and unlisted assets.
You only pay a minimal charge if you want to deposit securities in your securities portfolio that haven’t been issued by ING;
you pay nothing for all investment funds, savings certificates, bonds and other securities issued or sponsored by ING.

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ING Lease

ING Lease is a major Luxembourg player in financial leasing for more than two decades. Today, this experience lets us offer our services to more than 3,000 clients, managing in excess of 7,000 active agreements.

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