Conditions for opening an online account

You are not an ING Luxembourg client yet?

In order to open an online account, you must be a private, legally capable individual aged 18 or over and residing in one of the following countries: Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, Belgium, France or Germany.

You must have a valid e-mail address and agree to an electronic release so that we may send you correspondence by e-mail, specifically with a view to informing you of your progress in terms of starting your banking relations with us.

In line with the current rules in terms of money laundering and with a view to validating your identification, you must send us a copy of your currently valid identification document and make a transfer of EUR 100 from an account you already hold in one of the following countries: Luxembourg, Belgium, France or Germany. This sum will be credited to your ING account in the event that your application to open an account is accepted, or returned to you if your application is refused.

You do not meet one of the criteria required to open an ING Luxembourg online account or you wish to access other services/options not offered in the online product?

In these cases, you can always open an ING Luxembourg account by going to one of our branches 

You are already an ING Luxembourg client?

You can easily open an ING Orange account or an ING Orange Savings through My ING

To do so, you must be a private, legally capable individual aged 18 or over

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Interested in ING Orange account?

ING Luxembourg S.A. uses trade names to designate some services linked to a payment account and invites consumers to refer to the glossary provided in the General Terms and Conditions of the Bank and in the Pricing Extract in order to identify the corresponding terms on the standardised list of services.

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