Options in addition to the basic offer

In addition to our basic offer, you can choose to subscribe online to the following products.

V PAY Card 

The V PAY Card is a debit card which allows you to withdraw cash and make payments throughout Europe thanks to a personal PIN code.

Thanks to our online subscription offer, you can apply for a V PAY card either for the account holder alone, for both holders, or for just one of the holders.

For your security, use of the Maestro card is limited by default to:

  • EUR 2,000 for withdrawals from ATMs and 
  • EUR 1,250 for payments to retailers

(These limits may be cumulated per card over a period of 5 consecutive days.)

  • If you wish, you may subsequently increase or decrease these limits.

Savings account

The “Compte vert” is a savings account that pays interests. Your funds remain available at all times. 

In our online subscription offer, only one Compte vert denominated in EUR can be opened.

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