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Discover the "Compte Vert" savings account

Earn interest on your money
Accessible at all times
Always know the rate at which interest is paid

The ING Luxembourg Compte Vert gives you all the flexibility of a current account plus the interest paid on a savings account. The ING Luxembourg Compte Vert is a way of building up savings while continuing to have access to your money. Your capital and the interest paid are protected.

Create an automatic Savings plan via a standing order

Your savings will grow before you know it 
You can always stop automatic savings 
You can change the amount you save whenever you want
Possible via one simple standing order in My ING 
You can withdraw your savings at any time
Saving automatically helps you to put money aside. You can use automatic savings with our common savings accounts.* You enter a standing order only once in My ING and the rest is automatic. For example, you already have 10,000 EUR on your savings account and you create a standing order for 150 EUR per month. After 12 months your savings will have grown to 11,937.19 EUR (assuming an average interest rate of 1.25%). A nice increase, without much effort.
* “Compte Vert” savings, Young Adults Savings Account, ING Orange Savings, Junior Savings (in EUR)

How to keep a comfortable life tomorrow

Are you afraid of losing your spending power when you take your retirement? You would therefore like to put money aside and grow your savings without having to make cutbacks or worrying about managing this capital.

ING Luxembourg offers you “Generation Pension - Universal Life”, a product that allows you to:

  • build up a supplementary personal pension;
  • deduct the money you set aside for your supplementary personal pension from your current tax, provided the statutory criteria are met.

Invest to earn more money. Is this done for me?

You probably never thought about it, but anyone can give it a try. From 50€ per month or even larger sums, get started according to yout goals.

With this flexible and tailor-made investment plan, you save money and at the same time take advantage of the financial markets with a potentially higher return over the long term.


Free of charge

No entry or exit fees. No custody fees.


You can suspend or modify your payments at any time, free of charge.


No start up capital is required: begin with just €50!


You choose the amount, the instalment frequency, etc.


Additional one-off investments are possible at any time.


You want to withdraw your money? It will be available within 4 working days.

Do you have a minute? 

This video will quickly explain you how to manage your savings on the long term. 

How to optimise your tax return

Are you sure you benefit from all the existing opportunities to reduce your taxes as much as possible? There are many fiscal products on the market.  Many of them as your personal and real estate loans or your pension savings can be tax deducted.

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