Managed Funds Portfolio

With a view to meeting your expectations, we are offering you the «Managed Funds Portfolio» (MFP), a product managed on a discretionary basis.

A choice between 5 strategies

MFP has been devised for private investors who want to invest in a portfolio that fits in with their objectives in terms of returns and risk tolerance.

There are a number of different investment profiles:

Conservative profile I: Protecting your capital is primordial
Moderate II profile: Preserving your capital is important, but you are targeting performance higher than that of «traditional» savings schemes
Balanced III profile: You are prepared to accept more frequent fluctuations in the value of your capital in the hope of achieving higher performance
Dynamic IV profile: Your main objective is capital growth over the long term and you are prepared to take risks to achieve this
Aggressive V profile: You are prepared to take risks to achieve a higher performance potential

Whatever your profile, MFP offers you a formula that is tailored to your objectives.

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