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  • You're looking to buy a new car. But you're not yet sure how you're going to finance your purchase. Here are some different solutions and explanations of the traps to avoid!

  • Every day, in this market, banks with liquidity surplus lend to banks with demand for liquidity. An interest rate is charged for money borrowed, depending on the term of the loan (from 1 week to 12 months).

  • 75% of Luxembourg’s residents’ state that they intend to have a Financial New Year’s Resolution. Are you one of them?

  • Who hasn’t experienced money problems at some time of their life? But does being occasionally broke at the end of the month mean you’re over-indebted? Of course not.

  • To become an owner or remain a tenant? The decision is never an easy one, especially in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg where prices continually climb. Although some assets are clearly overvalued, the risk of a sharp fall in real estate prices seems unlikely in the short term. So, what should you do? Here are 3 keys to help you make the right decision.

  • If you want to treat yourself to a new car this year, you most probably will face the following question: should I buy or lease? To help you with your decision, we’ve compiled a list summarizing the most important aspects of both.

  • It is always the same question that every one of us is asking before signing a home loan with his bank. To gain a more objective overview, let’s analyse them one by one with their respective advantages and disadvantages.

  • It’s the holidays! For many people, that means it’s time to relax and enjoy some rest and recreation. For some of us, though, holidays can be stressful. How can you make this great time of year one of sheer relaxation and pleasure?

  • You have found the apartment or the house of your dreams? Perfect! But are you sure that you have tallied up all the costs involved in buying a property?

  • That’s it. You are ready to take the plunge. The time to own your home has finally come. Still, you need to make your first real estate purchase a success! The traps are not lacking. How to avoid unpleasant surprises? Here are some tips to follow to tip the odds ever in your favour.

  • Whatever your plans, unless you have significant savings, there is a good chance that you will take out a loan, using the services of your bank.

  • The used car festival is here, a fantastic opportunity to get some great deals! So why not take advantage and get yourself some new wheels? Here’s how to get the best deal.

  • When you buy a property for the first time, the classic mistake is to limit yourself to the purchase price of the house and not to consider the additional costs. To avoid unpleasant surprises, here are the 6 "hidden" costs to be aware of when planning on becoming a homeowner.

  • The answer depends on how long you intend to stay in Luxembourg. If you stay in the country for a short time – less than 5 years-, renting is the best option. Owning your own home in Luxembourg is very expensive and not a very profitable short-term investment such as it is in other countries, even if the Grand Duchy is facing rising pressures on the housing market.

  • The devil is in the detail: every cent you spend unconsciously you will have to earn twice to be able to save it!

  • There are compelling financial reasons to improve the energy label of your home: It may increase the resale value.

  • People and companies are prepared to lend their money to others for a certain amount of time; in return, they ask to be remunerated for the costs that this entails: not being able to use that money during that period and the risk of failure to repay.

  • Before stating work, plan your equipment, get your finances ready and take into account financial aids from the State.

  • Renovating or improving your home involves a lot of risks, particularly financial ones. Keep an eye on your expenses to avoid any overspending that could put your budget at risk. Do not ignore the many forms of financial assistance you can get from the state of Luxembourg.

  • The rate remains fixed for a pre-defined period and, at the end of the period, is subject to a revision. The pre-defined period can vary from one bank to another but is generally 3, 5 or 10 years.

  • It is not always easy to compare the borrowing terms put before you by a bank or credit institution. You can easily get lost in a sea of different and diverse offers. Which figure should you focus on?

  • A personal loan is a consumer loan. It can take two main forms.

  • Facing temporary or lasting difficulties, you have to take certain measures if you don’t want that things are getting worse in the forthcoming weeks and months.

  • The answer depends on several parameters specific to your personal circumstances. Nevertheless, here are several factors to help you make the right choice before taking out a mortgage from your bank.

  • Often you hear people say: “Anyway, until I have paid off my home loan it’s the bank who owns my house”. But is it true?

  • You have probably asked yourself this question when applying for a loan from your bank. The rate offered by your bank was quite different from the rate at which your bank can borrow from the European Central Bank (ECB).

  • Here is a quick overview of the steps to complet before you can start emjoying your new home and getting to know your new neighbours.

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