Holidays: time to forget about everything?

It’s the holidays! For many people, that means it’s time to relax and enjoy some rest and recreation. For some of us, though, holidays can be stressful. How can you make this great time of year one of sheer relaxation and pleasure?

Keep your home secure with a third party

The goal is to make sure no one thinks you’re away. Ask a friendly neighbour to stop by your house from time to time to pick up the mail, move a chair, turn on a light or open/close the shutters. Closed shutters during the daytime and an overflowing mailbox are sure signs that no one is home.

Equipment solutions

Programmable lights and motion detector lamps are available. Light, like an empty mailbox, means that someone’s at home. It will deter potential thieves. You can also ask your local post office to hold your mail.
As an additional precaution, you can also install cameras, even fake ones. Invest in an alarm system if you can. The best possible solution is a remote surveillance system and security service that will send an agent on site if your alarm goes off. However, this is a more costly solution.

Be careful with your valuables

You can put all of your valuables in a safe, but it will be sure to catch the eye of intruders. A safe means that you have valuables…I wouldn’t recommend this solution. If you have more than one car, I recommend putting your car keys with your house keys and taking them with you on holidays. That way they won’t get lost or stolen.
Before you leave, be sure you haven’t left any spare keys in the house. If you have spares, put them on your key chain along with the extra car keys.

Windows and doors first

Double-check that all doors and windows are locked before leaving.
If you have the money, increase the security of your front door with an A2P multipoint lock (assurance, prevention, protection) and install anti-theft windows.

Let the police know

Let the police know that you’ll be away. They’ll send a special patrol to your house on a regular basis. They’ll contact you if intruders have entered your home.

Make a list

A few days before you leave on holidays, make a list of the things you can’t forget to do: turn off the gas, water, alarm clocks and heating, unplug all electrical appliances, etc. In the winter, on the other hand, be sure to leave the heat on in frost protection mode.

Be discreet

Be discreet about your holidays. Don’t tell everyone you’re going away. Just tell those closest to you. Don’t post your absence on social networks either. Although it’s a great feeling to share your holidays, don’t broadcast your good news too widely. And, especially, don’t tell people how long you’ll be away for.

Be careful

What’s that old saying: “Discretion is the better part of valour.”
Don’t make the work of potential thieves any easier by leaving objects about that could help them break in: for example, a ladder in the garden they could use to access windows.

And what about your bank?

Tell your banker you’ll be away. If you’re going abroad, check your bank card’s spending limit to take full advantage of your holidays. Take the bank’s emergency number with you. It could come in handy.

Most of these precautions are common sense, but remember the old adage: “Better safe than sorry!” Make it look like you’re at home so you can leave with peace of mind.

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