With this flexible and tailor-made investment plan, you save money and at the same time take advantage of the financial markets with a potentially higher return over the long term.


You can suspend or modify your payments at any time, free of charge.


No start up capital is required: begin with just €50!


You choose the amount, the instalment frequency, etc.


You want to withdraw your money? It will be available within 4 working days.

ING Investment solution

To make your projects and dreams a reality, simply putting money aside every month is no longer enough. With interest rates on savings accounts historically low, you may be losing out on a better way to make your money grow by focusing solely on traditional saving.

Thanks to the Invest Plan, and once your investor profile has been defined, your investments are automatically paid every month (starting from €50) and you can monitor and modify your Invest Plan anytime, anywhere - from your PC, smartphone or tablet. 

Does the Invest Plan provide more attractive returns than a traditional savings account?

The following graph is based on real performance data. It compares conventional savings (in black) to an Invest Plan (in orange) over a 15-year period (2006-2020) with an investment of 100€/month.

  • “Balanced” profile
  • The comparison is based on ING management products that present the same management characteristics as the Invest Plan.
  • Past performances are not a guarantee of future performances.

What are the advantages of investing little by little?

As well as being able to start benefiting from the financial markets without substantial startup capital, these regular instalments enable you to acquire investment funds ar an average price, without having to anticipate the best moment to buy or sell. In addition, investing over the long term in a diversified fund generates, on average, higher returns. Thanks to this flexible formula, you can spread out your investments over time and capitalise on financial market trends. Although capital is not guaranteed, in principle you level the risks and thereby benefit from grater security. 

What is my Invest Plan invested in?

The funds present in the Invest Plan are part of ING Aria Lion Funds, a fund made up of funds that rank among the top performers on the market with optimal diversification. 

The fat that ING Aria Lion invests internationally in a wide range of funds multiplies the diversification effect, which generally improves the return and reduces the risks involved in this type of investment. Your capital is thus managed actively and dynamically by ING Aria Lion Funds managers without any action required on your part. 

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