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ING Aria - ING Sustainable Bonds

You want a bond portfolio that takes into account environmental, social and governance (ESG) criteria while investing in issuers connected to the real economy.

Focus on the financing of a greener and more socially responsible economy.
Sub-fund of a UCITS SICAV accessible to a large number of investors owing to low entry thresholds.
Bonds offering cash flows generally known in advance and therefore predictable.
Daily liquidity, diversification and transparency.

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Management philosophy

This sub-fund aims to generate growth in capital and income, and have a positive long-term societal impact, taking into account ESG aspects in the selection of instruments and issuers. This bond sub-fund:

  • mainly invests in a selection of investment-grade, euro-denominated direct bond lines from public, semi-public or private issuers with a focus on their green, social and sustainable bonds;
  • is managed dynamically in Luxembourg by a team of bond specialists;
  • generates income that may be distributed or capitalised as you choose;
  • is accessible even for amounts of less than €1,000;
  • has an investment horizon of +/- 5 years;
  • does not have any upfront fees, exit fees or custody fees.

The management team seeks to outperform the mixed (sovereign/corporate) investment-grade market. The investment process combines traditional selection criteria (analysis of the risk-return profile, fundamentals of the company, etc.) with an analysis of the sustainable aspects based on a two-tier approach:

  1. at issuer level: positive and negative filters are applied to define the pool of issuers considered sustainable.
  2. at instrument level: the managers select the appropriate instrument from issuers filtered further up the line with a bias towards green, social and sustainable bonds where available. “Traditional” bonds, from which the proceeds are not solely restricted to financing green/social projects, issued by issuers considered sustainable (level 1), are also eligible for inclusion in the portfolio.

Close monitoring of the management of your investment

In addition to traditional investment supports such as the monthly factsheet, you will be provided with a very detailed report on your investment in the ING Aria Sustainable Bonds sub-fund, upon simple request to your Relationship manager. This report will provide information on the positions held by the fund and weighted in relation to your investment, such as: yield to maturity, duration, average acquisition price, market value, accrued interest, capital gain or loss, weight in your overall portfolio. You can also view the list of transactions conducted by the managers, such as: purchases, sales, security redemptions, payment of coupons, etc.

We go green!

As a company and a player in society, ING conducts business honestly and responsibly, taking current and future generations into consideration.


Legal documentation ( KIID, Factsheets etc )

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