Personal Banking according to ING

How do you protect those close to you?
How can you make your capital profitable?
How do you set up a balanced and diversified portfolio?
How can you take advantage, as a Luxembourg resident or a cross-border commuter, of all allowable deductions when completing a tax declaration in Luxembourg?
How can you make sure your tax declaration is in order?
How do you set up a pension and benefit from tax advantages?
How do you know whether an account in the Grand Duchy is still worthwhile?

These questions are often at the heart of your concerns. Your Personal Banker, that is to say your personal advisor, provides clear and meaningful answers according to your situation and your expectations.

Your Personal Banker can offer you complete, adapted and personalised solutions regarding any assets upwards of €100,000 deposited at ING Luxembourg.

We do not limit ourselves to giving advice in matters of managing securities portfolios because we believe that the optimal management of private assets is a complex matter and that we must plan for their long-term evolution.

Your Personal Banker is at your side to counsel and guide you.

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