Manufacturer cover extension insurance

Giving you two supplementary years of cover in addition to the manufacturer's initial guarantee.

Maximum security

The lower limit on the credit facility makes Internet payments even more secure than with a Visa Classic card.

Internet delivery cover

Allowing you to receive compensation for the non-delivery or incompatible delivery.

What is the Cyber Card?

The Cyber Card is a virtual Visa card with a standby credit facility that allows you to make secure purchases over the Internet.

  • The card is purely virtual. Even if your card number is intercepted, it cannot be used in a conventional shop or cash dispenser.
  • The lower limit on the credit facility makes Internet payments even more secure than with a Visa Classic card.

How does the Cyber Card work?

This card is purely virtual and is not on a plastic medium. You receive a letter giving you:

  • the number of the virtual card;
  • the expiry date;
  • the security code (CVV2), which is mandatory for certain websites.

You can use this data to make online purchases. If you will be making a purchase that exceeds your Cyber Card credit facility, you just need to credit the amount to your Visa account before you buy.

Concrete example:

You have a credit facility of EUR 125 on your Cyber Card. You want to buy plane tickets costing EUR 200 with your Cyber Card. By crediting EUR 75 to your Visa account, you will have the sum you need on your Cyber Card (credit facility of EUR 125 + EUR 75 credit balance = EUR 200).

Provided you have not made any other purchases, your next Visa statement will show that you have EUR 125 to repay.

The services provided by your Cyber Card

  • Manufacturer cover extension insurance
     giving you two supplementary years of cover in addition to the manufacturer's initial two-year guarantee if you purchase new household goods (refrigerator etc.), video electronics goods (plasma screen, etc.) or audio goods (MP3 player etc.) for personal use with your VISA card;
  • Purchase protection insurance
     which refunds you the purchase price or any repair costs to a movable asset (games console, computer, clothes, accessories, etc.) bought new with your Visa card and stolen through burglary or assault or accidentally damaged;
  • Internet delivery cover
     allowing you to receive compensation for the non-delivery or incompatible delivery of new goods (household appliances, IT purchases, clothes, etc.) purchased online from a merchant with your Visa card;

Your Visa Cyber Card, compatible with the other Visa cards

If you have a Visa CyberCard, but also a Visa Classic & Assistance card or a Visa Gold card, then you can now enjoy the same insurance services and benefit from the same terms and conditions, limits and guarantees as those associated with the Visa Classic & Assistance card or the Visa Gold card when using your Visa CyberCard to make payments. Therefore, you can carry out your internet purchases safely knowing that you are receiving maximum protection.

Important when buying online

  • Remember that your details are encrypted before they are sent. Check for the presence of a key or padlock icon on your screen or the indication https: // in the Address line of your browser (instead of http: //)
  • Make your purchases in online stores which have a good reputation. If you are unsure, find out more about the store in question before you pay.

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