Manage your budget and build up savings

Managing your money on a daily basis allows you to be financially independant, to face urgent or unforseen expenses and to carry out your projects in the short or long term. Where to start ?

Calculate your savings capacity

Gradually build up your “rainy day” fund

Define your savings goals

What are the best saving tools to help you achieve your goals?

Find all these steps and much more in our  #HowToManageMyMoney? booklet

And then ? 

That's it, your budget is clear, you have good savings capacity and you want to try to make this savings grow, go here to know everything there is to know about investing in a simple and straightforward way and without complexes. 

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  • Every year, it is the same old story: we have to fill in our tax declaration. For many of you, this annual exercise is like a chore. It is a pity because a tax declaration, correctly optimised, can save you money by reducing your taxes.

  • An automatic savings plan (aka ASP) is a standing bank transfer order that transfers money from your current account to your savings account on a fixed date.

  • You want to improve the return on your savings and make your first steps in the investment world but you don’t know how to do it? Why not trying regular investments? This financial solution is to invest on a regular basis (every month or every quarter) the same amount of money, fixed in advance, in an investment fund. Here are the main advantages.