La Carte Visa Classic & Assistance

La carte Visa d’ING Luxembourg vous permet d’acheter auprès de millions de commerçants à travers le monde et… de payer plus tard vos achats !

The Visa card is a credit card allowing you to withdraw cash and make payments throughout the world, over the Visa network or using any other payment method accepted by the Visa system, with or without a personal PIN code.

The ING Luxembourg Visa Card stands out from those offered by its competitors because it allows you to:

  • take advantage of interest-free credit for between 2 and 6 weeks; 
  • obtain an extra credit line in addition to any line granted on the current account (specifically via the V PAY card); 
  • benefit from insurance cover which is unique on the Luxembourg market.

Our Visa cards also stand out thanks to the insurance services linked to them, which differ according to the chosen card type.

Visa Classic & Assistance

Visa CyberCard

In our online subscription offer, you can apply for a Visa Classic card, a Visa Cyber Card and/or a Visa Classic & Assistance card either for the account holder alone, for both holders, or for just one of the holders.

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