Additional products

In addition to your ING ORANGE ACCOUNT, you can choose to subscribe online to the following products…For free !

V PAY Card

The V PAY Card is a debit card which allows you to withdraw cash and make payments throughout Europe thanks to a personal PIN code.

 Linked to your ING Orange Account, this card will cost you 0€.

For your security, use of the card is limited by default to:

(These limits may be cumulated per card over a period of 5 consecutive days.)

If you wish, you may subsequently increase or decrease these limits.

ING Orange savings

The ING Orange Savings allows you to build up savings while continuing to have access to your money. Your capital and the interest paid are protected.

You always know the rate at which interest is paid on your money. The interest rate on your Savings Account varies and is subject to change in line with money market conditions


A free Visa Cyber Card

The Cyber Card is a virtual Visa card that allows you to make secure purchases over the Internet.