FAQ- My ING (Online Banking)

1. My ING

What is My ING?

My ING is an online banking service that lets you manage your accounts and investment portfolio easily over the Internet. My ING also offers services like loan simulators and security advice.

Can I use My ING on my smartphone?

Yes, to access My ING on your smartphone, download the ING Luxembourg application from Apple Store or Google Play Store. Enter ing.lu to find it easily. For telephones operating under Windows or Blackberry, the My ING website is available on your mobile web browser.

How do I log on to My ING?

Use LuxTrust secure technology to log on to your personal My ING account from a computer. To do this, you will need to use the following :

your user ID;

your personal password;

a single use code displayed on your LuxTrust Token.

If you are logging on for the first time via a mobile phone, use your LuxTrust token. You will be asked to activate your Mobile PIN (a 4-digit code) that will enable you to log on again easily and safely in the future.

2. Logging in for the first time

How to activate your LuxTrust certificate?

In the days following your request for a LuxTrust Token, you will receive:

- On your telephone: an SMS with your LuxTrust User ID as well as a password for your first login

- By post: a LuxTrust Token

When you receive your Token,

1) Have your Token and the SMS ready and go to the LuxTrust website: https://activate.luxtrust.lu

2) Follow the procedure to activate your certificate

3) Complete the association of your Token with My ING on the ing.lu website or the ING Luxembourg mobile application

4) Log in to your Online Banking

Note: make sure you activate your LuxTrust certificate within 60 days of the order, after which it will automatically become unusable.

What do I do if I have a problem in activating my LuxTrust certificate?

- Have you not received an SMS or have you deleted it?

- Are you unable to activate your LuxTrust certificate?

Contact the LuxTrust Helpdesk at +352 24 550 550 or helpdesk@luxtrust.lu, Mondays to Fridays from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Saturdays from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

3. LuxTrust user IDs

What is a “user ID”?
Your user ID gives you access to your transaction account. You will receive your user ID in an SMS from LuxTrust when you order a new token. Enter it every time you log in together with your personal password and the One Time Password or one-time use code generated by your Token.

What is the initial password?
It is a first-login password that you will receive by SMS together with your user ID. It enables you to activate your Token after which you can modify this password. You can ask for the SMS containing the initial password to be resent.

How do I make up a personal password?
You will be asked to compose your own password with a specific number of characters: between 6 and 10 (in upper or lower case; special characters are accepted). You may look at the following page for more information: https://www.luxtrust.lu/fr/faq/968

What if I forget my password?
Please contact the LuxTrust Helpdesk at +(352) 24 550 550, they will tell you what to do. Please look at the following page for more information: https://www.luxtrust.lu/fr/faq/988

4. Token

Are there different kinds of Tokens?
There are different Token models, even ones with a keypad that looks like a calculator. The model used for the ING Luxembourg Internet Service is the LuxTrust Token, a device without a keypad and just one button to display the variable number sequence or One Time Password.

Can I have more than one LuxTrust Token?

No, there can be only one LuxTrust certificate per person. Your single Token allows you to access all services that require a LuxTrust certificate to log on.

How does the Token work?
The Token is an electronic component that generates a number sequence for one-time use every 30 seconds. This One Time Password must be entered together with your user ID and personal password in order to access applications that use a Token. If all three of these are correct, LuxTrust will authorise the user’s connection to the application.

Go to the page https://www.luxtrust.lu/fr/faq/956 for more information.

If I lose my Token, will the person who finds it be able to use it for transactions?
No, in order to log in, they will need to know not only your user ID, but also your personal password. If the person does not have both of these, they cannot use your Token to log in. We therefore advise you never to write or type your personal password in an accessible place, and to make use of the possibility to choose a password that you can easily remember.
If you realise that you have lost your Token, please inform LuxTrust by dialling (+352) 24 550 550 or go to https://www.luxtrust.lu/fr/faq/1000 for more information.

What do I do if my Token is not working properly?
If you have a problem with your Token, you can take it to your ING branch. They will give you a new Token for free with the same user ID and password.

What if I have a problem with my LuxTrust certificate?

Your LuxTrust certificate lasts for 3 years. If you have any problems during this time, please contact the LuxTrust helpdesk by email at helpdesk@luxtrust.lu or dial (+352) 24 550 550 from Mondays to Fridays between 8 a.m. and 6 p.m.

Can I use the same Token for different banks?
Yes, you will find a list of banks and services available with your Token on the following page: https://www.luxtrust.lu/fr/faq/43

5. Protection against errors

What is the process for a transaction?
Each time you make a transaction, you must go through various steps that serve as checks:

1. First of all, you must fill in the first screen which is an input screen. Once you have done this, you have a choice: either cancel the transaction, or send your data;

2. You will now see a confirmation screen that offers you a choice between three options: cancel, change or confirm.

3. If you confirm, the system may sometimes ask you to reconfirm your transaction by encoding the Token (if the recipient is already registered you do not need to confirm again with the Token). At this stage, you can still choose either to cancel the transaction, or to send it to have it carried out. 

4. If you send it, you will receive a notification screen with reference number under which the transaction has been registered at the Bank. If the connection is interrupted before the last screen appears, your transaction may not have been registered. To find out if your transaction has been recorded, check your Order Book (current) to see whether or not your transfer has been recorded.

6. Miscellaneous

Can my access to the transaction website get blocked?
If you still have a Digipass: once the correct contract number has been encoded, your access to the transaction website will be blocked after 5 unsuccessful attempts (incorrect password).

If you have a LuxTrust Token: if you enter incorrect information, an error message will appear indicating that some of the information is incorrect and asking you to test your certificate on the LuxTrust website.

Can I use the Internet Service on another computer besides my own?
To do that, you need to have your Token with you. And make sure that the other computer has the necessary requirements. Be careful however not to save your password on someone else’s computer.

What if I have questions or problems?
You can ask any questions on the www.ing.lu website, or if you have a technical problem, contact our Contact Center: by telephone at +352 44 99 1 or by email at contactcenter@ing.lu. If you have a problem with your Token you may also call the LuxTrust helpdesk at +352 24 550 550.