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My ING has been revamped

Check out the new My ING, our e-banking solution that enables you to manage your accounts and your market portfolio quickly, easily, anytime and anywhere…from your computer, tablet or smartphone.

The new version has been completely overhauled and replaces older versions on your PC and mobile devices. This means that there are no longer any differences between the mobile application and the website. You can access all features from any device: PC, tablet or smartphone.

We've made many improvements to make managing your accounts even easier:

• Your BIC code is entered automatically for all SEPA transfers.

• The name of the bank of the beneficiary you are transferring money to is displayed automatically.

• You are alerted in case of any fees before you make a transfer.

• The validation of transfers to beneficiaries who you know and have saved in your contacts has been simplified.

• Loan simulators (mortgage and personal credit) are readily available.

• Our "Security advice" section helps you to better manage the security of your accounts.

• Names are used instead of client numbers so that you can immediately recognise account owners (your account, your company's and joint accounts).

• You notice the arrival of new documents straightaway thanks to the indicator in your "Document area".

To access to the old version, please connect below.


What is My ING?

My ING is your transactions space. You can not only access this space 24/7 but its secure system means that you can connect from any computer or smart phone, etc.

My ING allows you to:

  • check your account and card balances;
  • make payments and transfers (free of charge for European transactions);
  • check the debit balances and payments for your Visa cards;
  • monitor changes in your portfolio;
  • buy and sell shares on preferential terms;
  • communicate in complete confidentiality with your adviser.

How much does this service cost?

My ING is FREE (except for the Internet connection charges). You just need to go to your branch to collect your personal Digipass.

I am already a client but I don’t have access to My ING

To benefit from this service, please visit one of our branches to obtain your secure access

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