Investing is easy with ING!

Simply putting money aside each month is no longer an adequate solution to realize your projects and dreams. As the interest rates on savings accounts are at an all-time low, by depending solely on classic savings, you are maybe missing out on the opportunity to make your savings grow faster.

But we have the solution: Invest Plan.

Invest Plan is a flexible tailor-made investment plan designed for novices and experienced investors alike. It enables you to invest € 50 or more on a regular basis.

The advantages of an Invest Plan:

Accessible: start investing with just 50 euros!

Tailor-made: you choose the amount, instalment frequency, etc.

Simple: additional one-off investment instalments are possible at any time.

Flexible: you can suspend your instalments free of charge and at any time.

• Available: you need money? It will be available within 5 working days.

• No subscription or redemption fees.

View your Invest Plan: