L’heure bleue is a museum in the heart of the “Centre nature et forêt Ellergronn” in Esch/Alzette. It is an artwork inspired by the eponymous phenomenon: a moment in the day when the sky is electric blue and nature is completely silent. A platform near this architecture offers a space to experience the real phenomenon every day. Also, events and meetings around societal and cultural issues (ecology, history, biology, poetry, music, etc.) will be organized throughout the year as part of Esch 2022, european Capital of culture. 

« En fait c’est pas une heure, c’est une minute. Juste avant l’aube, quand le ciel est d’un bleu électrique, il y a une minute de silence. Les oiseaux de jours sont pas encore réveillés, et les oiseaux de nuit sont déjà couchés, et là, là c’est de silence. »

Extract from the dialogue between Reinette and Mirabelle in Quatre aventures de Reinette et Mirabelle by Eric Rohmer, 1987

Dimitri Mallet

Born in the South of France in 1983, Dimitri situates his research between the limits of various physical aspects of cognition and those of social construction. Often referring to minimalism and conceptual heritage, Mallet initiates a continuous spiritual dialogue with his viewer. 

Sergio Carvalho

Born in 1981, Sergio is a certified architect. He runs the Luxembourg architecture office 2011 with Philippe Nathan. The office deals with the design and the construction of architecture in line with contemporary economic, cultural and social contexts.

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