Looking for a sponsor for your project?

Like all big companies, ING Luxembourg receives many requests for support. We are glad that you see us as a potential partner for your project, and we will of course give your request due consideration.  

A tried and tested sponsorship policy

ING has a tried and tested sponsorship policy at both the national and international level. Not only for traditional sponsorship, but also for corporate social responsibility.

Every request is evaluated in the light of ING Group's sponsorship strategy. At the national level, we support almost exclusively projects that fit into this overall strategy. At the local level, we also sometimes sponsor smaller-scale projects.

ING Luxembourg also has a transparent policy on corporate social responsibility. This policy shapes our contribution to a number of valuable social initiatives.

Further information about our sponsorship strategy and main projects can be found in the different sections. You can see the strategic pillars that define ING's choices. ING Luxembourg’s sponsorship policy is based on three strategic pillars:

Sport: Running, football and handball

Art and culture: 

  • Music: mainly festivals, pop/rock and classical music
  • Art: mainly cultural institutions, art and photography exhibitions

Business: projects linked to the world of finance

Within the framework of these three pillars, ING Luxembourg has forged partnerships with the main players in the sector. This means real interaction. On the one hand, we strengthen our image by (literally) getting closer to our clients. On the other hand, our partners receive the financial support and equipment needed to develop their projects.

Corporate social responsibility

The fourth strategic pillar of our sponsorship policy is sustainable entrepreneurship. ING finances projects that help solve social problems. Here too, we work closely with our clients, with full integrity.

ING Luxembourg does not support:

  • Religious or political organisations or events
  • School trips or student parties
  • Requests from individuals (athletes, singers, etc.)

Would you like our support? 

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