Financial Empowerment

Our task is to ensure our customers’ independence so that they can stay ahead of the game in life and in business. True to this principle, we offer products, services and tools that help them deal with money issues and that enable them to make the best financial decisions, now and in the future, thereby improving their finances.

We believe that people who are financially independent and responsible will contribute to a healthy economy and are a key component in wealth and social progress.

Our approach

Our strategy to facilitate our customers’ financial independence is based on three pillars:

Offering clear and simple products, no matter where or when;

Providing the right information tools at the right time;

Making a positive contribution to the communities in which we operate, and to society in general.

Clear and simple

We offer clear, simple products, no matter where or when;

Our e-banking solution My ING enables customers to manage their accounts and investment portfolio on their computer, tablet or smartphone, fast, easily, when and wherever they are, thanks to its security system.

We offer them a host of web pages, blogs, tools and chat sessions to keep our promises: like our readily available simulators, for instance for home or personal loans.

The right information

We give the right information and tools at the right time; Our Alert system for instance informs customers of what’s happening on their account. For example, a message is sent as soon as the balance is below or above a certain amount.

ING has also taken an important step towards financial education with My Money. This non-commercial blog gives objective information on complex financial situations. It can include financing the purchase of a house, the best ways to save, or how to educate young people financially. The blog is not only for ING customers, but for any visitors and readers.

We also do an ING International Survey to understand how people around the world spend, save, invest and feel about money. It is one of the biggest surveys of its kind in Europe, and covers savings, mobile banking, property purchasing and mortgages, as well as financial education, decision-making and spending during the festive season.
Read more about it at ING International Survey.

A positive impact

We aim to make a positive contribution to the communities in which we operate, and to society in general.

Our goal is to support people’s independence so that they can keep ahead of the game. We finance research, donate funds, and share our knowledge, expertise and skills.

Since 2012, ING Luxembourg has been taking part in European Money Week, an initiative of European banking associations to raise awareness of financial literacy and improve financial education. During this week, ING Luxembourg employees inform and raise awareness among primary and secondary school pupils in Luxembourg.

ING Luxembourg also takes part in dayCARE, which gives high school pupils the chance to learn more about Luxembourg companies, what they do, and how to find their way in the job market. Young people’s commitment on this day is rewarded by a donation from the company to a CARE charity project.

The ‘Power for Youth’ programme, which sprung from the partnership between the ING Group and UNICEF, helps teenagers around the world to maximise their potential and thereby improve their own future and that of the people around them. Backed by more than 10 years of cooperation, Power for Youth’s goal is to empower 335,000 teenagers in six developing countries until 2018. The programme aims to help them acquire school learning as well as the necessary social and financial skills to deal with everyday challenges in a responsible, independent way. These young people will then be able to make solid decisions for their own life and future, but also the future of their families and communities.

ING Luxembourg includes its customers and consumers in its approach, for instance by setting up Pop-Up Stores during the marathon or half-marathon it sponsors or Vending Machines of which the profits are donated to volunteer organisations, or through dedicated financial products. Our team also plays a crucial role by enthusiastically investing time and money, like in Run for Youth to the benefit of UNICEF.

Read more about our ‘Power for Youth" programme with Unicef.

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