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Our business has a considerable impact on the environment and on many lives: those of our customers, our employees, our stakeholders, our suppliers and society as a whole. This impact gives us a responsibility. Each individual has the right to expect us to act with integrity. Taking everybody’s rights and interest into account is vital for our sustainable approach.

For us, this means making the right choice (when, where and with whom we do business), and especially being transparent with regard to the values we see as essential. By being open about our values, we are telling society what conduct it can expect from us. Our environmental and social risk (ESR) policies form a major part of the principles that guide our daily decisions.

These policies apply to all our products and services: from the projects we finance to the lighting in our offices, we are aware that every aspect of what we do has a social and environmental impact.

Like all ING Bank entities, ING Luxembourg respects these policies and makes sure others respect them too.

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