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Luxembourg, 11/05/2000

ING supports the social groceries of the Luxembourg Red Cross

In light of the coronavirus pandemic and the unprecedented health crisis that is affecting Luxembourg, ING has joined forces with the Luxembourg Red Cross to offer financial support in their work to aid people affected by poverty.

ING Luxembourg has donated EUR 20,000 to the Luxembourg Red Cross to be dedicated to the Red Cross Butteks project, social grocery stores that have remained opened during the crisis and have been visited by numerous people.

Pierre Knoden (HR Director) and Stéphanie Moulin (Sustainability & Diversity Coordinator) awarded the sum to Marc Crochet (Deputy Secretary General) and Nadine Conrardy (Coordinator for the department “Aides sociales”) during a meeting to discuss how the funds will be used.

The social grocery stores provide people affected by poverty with food and everyday products up to 70% less expensive than market prices. Access to these stores has been extended to people and families in precarious situations or having temporary financial difficulties due to the current crisis.

ING is proud to support the work of the Luxembourg Red Cross in aiding those in need. 


"This health crisis is causing financial difficulties for many. Providing aid to people affected by it here in Luxembourg by means of supporting the Red Cross Butteks is complementary to our efforts in supporting local companies. I am proud and honored to be a part of this”, states Pierre Knoden of ING.

“With each donation we can help even better families in precarious situations. Thanks to this support they no longer have to choose between paying their rent or eating healthy. With EUR 20,000 we can do a lot!” shares Marc Crochet, of the Luxembourg Red Cross.Paragraphe 2 

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