As a business, you have very specific banking needs and you want to be able to manage your accounts and payments easily, whenever you want and wherever you are. With My ING Pro, it is possible on any computer, tablet and smartphone.

The multi-bank online banking for companies in Luxembourg.

We will inform you by email when a payment goes in or out of your account or when your balance reaches a predefined limit.

eBanking and security

Banking Security

We would like to draw your attention to the ways in which we will contact you, in order to help you identify e-mails or calls from potentially dubious sources.

Phising and fishing

Phishing most often occurs in the form of an e-mail containing a link to a fake website which looks just like a genuine site.

Common threats

With the development of mobile devices, the number of applications available is increasing sharply. You should be aware that some applications can leave behind malicious codes.

Security tips

Some advice to let you surf online with more security.

My Money

Articles that might interest you

  • Recognising a fake website remains difficult. Cybercriminals sometimes prepare for months. They can recreate a full website and even have a registered office address. It’s therefore essential for you to know how to quickly recognise a hacking attempt to avoid having your accounts robbed.

  • Do you own a smartphone, laptop, or tablet? Do you have other connected devices? If so, you certainly know how important it is to protect them well.

MyMoney blog

ING employees share their knowledge and expertise in a practical information blog on the subjects of money, the bank and finance in general. 

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