What are enoprimes?

Whether you own or rent a house or a flat, think about enoprimes for your energy renovation projects! As part of European targets to increase energy efficiency by 2030, this subsidy programme rewards energy savings in your home in Luxembourg. Your consumption is reduced and you also benefit from a premium that reduces the amount of your investment. You are a double winner!

If your home is located in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and your home projects involve, for example, insulating the shell of the building or improving the heating or ventilation system, then the enoprimes programme is for you! With these energy efficiency measures, you can reduce not only your energy consumption but also your investment costs.

Many measures are eligible for financial support. For example:

-        Replacing the heating system

-        Thermal insulation of the exterior wall

-        Thermal insulation of the roof/attic

-        Thermal insulation of the lower slab

-        Replacing the windows

-        Installing a solar thermal system with or without additional heating

-        Installing controlled mechanical ventilation

It’s easy to benefit from the enoprimes programme: simply choose a partner tradesman who will take care of all the formalities! The tradesman will apply for the premium while preparing your quote. They will then provide you with the premium proposal together with the quote. All you have to do is accept this proposal and sign the quote. The only requirement is that you apply for the premium before ordering your work! Once the work has been carried out, the tradesman will be responsible for putting the file together and submitting it to the enoprimes team for inspection. Once the application has been validated, the premium will be paid to you by the energy supplier participating in the enoprimes programme.

The amount of each premium is calculated on the basis of the energy savings achieved. In addition to the premium paid, your energy bills will be considerably reduced: you therefore win twice! The more the work you have done enables you to reduce your energy consumption, the higher the premium.

Over the past six years, these measures have, among other things, saved 1.7 TWh, equivalent to the annual consumption of 425,000 households (or 280,000 trips around the world in an electric car!) and distributed more than 9 million euros in premiums.

Whether it is renovating a building, investing in technology, processes or equipment, all projects are eligible as long as they improve energy efficiency.

So, for the planet and your wallet, it's worth rethinking your energy consumption!


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