What €100 can get you in 15 of Europe’s major capital cities (2)

This week, we’re looking at prices in Northern Europe. Anyone who has traveled knows that prices can change a lot from one city to the next, even within the same country. With €100 you won’t have the same level of purchasing power in Madrid as you would in, say, London or Athens. We’re going to keep it simple, though, and focus on just one question: What can €100 get you in 15 of Europe’s major capital cities?

London, England

In London, €100 can’t even get you a monthly public transport pass, which costs a staggering €150. England’s public transport system is one of the most expensive in the world. On the other hand, you can find a decent room for less than €100/night, even if the hotels are nothing to write home about. At certain pubs, ordering a few drinks can set you back quite a bit (on a budget of €100, it’s best not to even start).

Helsinki, Finland

Finland may very well be the least expensive Nordic country. You’ll spend €12 to go to the cinema, €30 to have dinner at a restaurant, €4 for a pint of beer and €3 for a bus ticket. Certain things are less expensive, like internet service (which, by the way, is very high quality).

Copenhagen, Denmark

Denmark has some of the highest average wages in Europe. And you can tell by the prices. A beer will set you back about €7, and a monthly public transport pass costs nearly €70. For €100, you can buy food to cook at home for two weeks.

Oslo, Norway

In the capital of the most expensive country in the world, €100 won’t get you very far at all. Here’s what it can’t get you: a two-month gym membership, a basket full of food for two or even one night out on the town.

In our next article, we’ll take a look at Western Europe. Until then, feel free to share your favorite affordable deals to add to our list 

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