The online subscription to this fund is only available to Luxembourg, French, Belgian and Dutch residents.
Please do not hesitate to contact one of our advisers to get an overview of the products that are available for your country of residence.

ING Aria Global Index Portfolio

You know the financial markets and are looking for a good tool to have simple and highly effective exposure to them?

Simple and effective exposure to financial markets
Independent management of your portfolio
Regular and proactive monitoring
Lower costs, no dividend taxation
An ETF portfolio chosen by our experts
No entry or exit fees, no custody charges.
A choice of 3 risk profiles

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What is ING Aria Global Index Portfolio?

ING Luxembourg offers ING Aria Global Index Portfolio, an ETF portfolio chosen by our portfolio management experts, built around several asset classes (equities, bonds, real estate, etc.) and various sectors and regions.

Independent management of your portfolio

Our asset allocation hardly varies, so you can follow your portfolio and decide yourself when you want to reduce your exposure to the financial markets.

  • Passive management: asset allocation stays close to the benchmark index. As a result, the fund's performance will also be close to its index.
  • Lower costs: exposure to each asset class is achieved via highly efficient and low-cost passive instruments, which have a goal to follow their respective markets.
  • No dividend taxation1: most ETFs pay dividends on which you may be charged tax. ING Aria Global Index Portfolio enables these dividends to be capitalised.

depending on your tax regime.

Regular and proactive monitoring

Whichever fund is chosen, ING Luxembourg offers:

  • A daily net asset value
  • Daily monitoring of portfolio risks
  • Valuation of your investments available at any time via Online Banking
  • Subscription and sale available at any time via My ING

A full range

The Global Index Portfolio (GIP) range comprises 3 funds, whose investment strategies are based on 3 different risk profiles. According to your predefined risk appetite and investor profile, you and your Relationship manager choose the fund that best suits your situation and objectives.

possible deviation of +/- 15%

Simplified fee structure

ING opts for simplicity by avoiding multiple fees (for the purchase, sale or annual custody of securities, etc.):

  • No entry or exit fees, no custody charges: As portfolio manager, ING Luxembourg is paid 0.82% directly by the investment fund, for all profiles. The total costs (running costs needed to operate the fund) represent around 1.25%. ING Luxembourg does not bill you for any extra costs.


Legal documentation ( KIID, Factsheets etc )

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