Step 1 : LuxTrust Mobile app for log in and signatures

Why use LuxTrust Mobile?

The 'LuxTrust Mobile' app will soon replace the LuxTrust token as a means of connection on My ING. Don't wait any longer and download the app.

It is easier to use and free of charge!

You always have it with you.

For added security, LuxTrust Mobile gives you an indication of the amount of the transfer, the type of action (authentication, payment, new beneficiary, transfer, message) and more information for the transaction you want to confirm.

LuxTrust Mobile is completely integrated in My ING. You can use it to login to My ING and validate transactions on your PC or in the My ING App.

How to install and activate LuxTrust Mobile?

1.      Prepare your Token or your LuxTrust codes (User ID and Password)

2.      Download the app

3.      If you have a LuxTrust Token:

  1. Open the app and tap on "Start activation".

  2. Enter your User ID and validate. You will find this User ID in the SMS or letter you received after ordering your Token.

  3. On the new screen, select the device you usually use to connect to your banking or online applications, in this case the Token.

  4. Enter your LuxTrust credentials: User ID, password and the OTP generated with the help of your token and tap on "Authenticate".

  5. Optional: you can activate LuxTrust Mobile app on maximum 2 devices. In case you have already activated the app on 2 other devices, you are now required to replace one of them.

  6. Define a PIN code (of 6 digits) to secure access to your LuxTrust app.

  7. Choose a name for your device that you can remember. It will help you in case you need to replace this device or to suspend access to the app.

  8. LuxTrust will send you a SMS containing a link to complete the activation. In the meantime, you can leave the app. When you receive the SMS, click on link which will automatically open the app. LuxTrust will never ask you to share your credentials by clicking on this link.

3.      If you don't you have a LuxTrust token:

  1. Open the app on your smartphone and tap on "Start activation".

  2. Enter your User ID and validate. You will find this User ID in the SMS received from LuxTrust.

  3. Enter your activation code. You defined this code when ordering. We advised you to use the last 5 characters of your ID card or passport number. You will find this code in the order confirmation you received by email. If you no longer find it, please contact our Customer Service Desk at (+352) 24 550 550.

  4. Define a PIN code (of 6 digits) to secure access to your LuxTrust app.

  5. Activate biometric recognition (FaceID, TouchID or FingerPrint) which will allow you to open the application without having to insert the PIN code.

  6. Choose your security questions and indicate a clear answer for each of them before you validate.

  7. Enter the initial password which you will also find in the SMS you received.

  8. Choose a new complex password to finalize the activation and validate it.

Step 2 : New My ING

Discover your new My ING

We know that the simpler we make things, the more freedom you will have to do what you want. For this reason, we are launching a new experience for My ING. Discover the features that are available in the new app! This is what you will find in your new My ING already:

2 apps in 1

Your Payconiq app is completely integrated into the new My ING.

Your preferences

New ways to personalise your settings.

Your bank in your pocket

If you thought you could do a lot of things just by picking up your mobile, you're right.

….. And we will add more features soon!

Soon we will add the features linked to the management of your loans, your investments and much more….until then you will be directed from the new My ING to the previous version if you need to do something that is not available yet. Feel free to contact us on if things do not work out as you expected.

Doing things your way is our way of doing things.

Download the new My ING mobile app:

... or use new My ING via a browser on your mobile or desktop device:

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