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What is Xtra Savings?

At ING Luxembourg we always want you to get the most out of your money. That is why we have designed Xtra Savings: the delicious way of saving with a cherry on top.

Xtra Savings is a savings product linked to your existing savings accounts in € at ING Luxembourg and that gives you an appetizing interest rate for a specific term on all the extra money you save within a specific month.

How does Xtra Savings work exactly?

If the sum of your total savings in € at ING Luxembourg at the end of last month is equal or higher than it was 12 months ago you can benefit from this month’s Xtra Savings rate.

Once you subscribe to Xtra Savings, you will get the Xtra Savings rate on all the additional money* transferred to your savings account(s) at ING Luxembourg before the end of the month. The Xtra Savings rate is applicable during the Xtra Savings term.

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*additional money means transfers of funds from accounts held with other banks and current accounts at ING Luxembourg; transfers from other savings account at ING Luxembourg and transfers of interest proceeds will be excluded. Limited of EUR 250,000 per person per campaign.

Who can subscribe to Xtra Savings?

Xtra Savings is our way to reward our Good Savers.

Every month we check if you have been a Good Saver over the last 12 months and if you can profit from our Xtra Savings offer.

We launch a new Xtra Savings offer each month, giving you the possibility to subscribe to a new offer every time.

The best way to make sure you can take advantage of Xtra Savings is by saving automatically.

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