The benefits of having an assigned advisor for your investments

Many questions can arise about investments given the current economic situation we are experiencing. Is it the right time to invest; should I wait for the markets to drop; is it the right moment to add to my investments or to sell; how; what...? 

In other words, it's difficult to take decisions alone with a cool head regardless if you're a beginner or an expert.

That’s when an assigned advisor specialised in investing can help you, advise you and work with you. Their goal isn’t to sell you a particular product.

It's to work with you to plan out a short, medium and/or long-term investment strategy based on your projects for the future (buy a car, build a house or plan your retirement), your profile and the markets’ and life’s unknowns.

1. They will take stock of your goals, needs, your investment horizon and your risk profile.

This information is essential. Regardless if your investor profile is that of a “go-getter” who wants to achieve potentially high returns or, on the contrary, you are more “conservative” and are considering less risky investments with more modest returns, your advisor will work with you to develop an approach that is both personalised and suited specifically to YOU.

2. They will help you select investments that meet your needs.

They will introduce you to the different investment options available on the markets, explain the benefits, the downsides, the risks and the expected returns, all in clear layman's terms.

Without an advisor, people tend not to think about their investments very much and don't adjust them, even when they should, and miss investment opportunities. This is another benefit your assigned advisor can provide.

3. They will track your investments, their maturities and their progress and ensure that they still meet your needs and that the level of risk still suits your investor profile.

You won't have to follow the financial markets too closely.

4. They will provide you with a regular, proactive update about the economic environment and the bank’s forecasts.

During difficult economic times, when high responsiveness is required, they will provide you with objective guidance and make sure that you don’t make hasty, ill-considered decisions.

Most of the time, your advisor will be working with a team of portfolio management experts who have the necessary tools and the resources to propose the best products for the market and your situation.

It's up to you to decide if you want to be advised while retaining ultimate investment decision-making authority or if you would prefer to entrust complete management of your assets to specialists while closely tracking their progress and the choices made.


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