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The average purchase price refers to the average price at which you invest in a financial instrument (funds for instance), over a given period.

When the market rises, the value of the units increases and you buy fewer units at a higher price. On the other hand, when the market falls, you buy more units at a lower price. You therefore buy securities at an average price without having to anticipate market trends in order to determine the best time to buy or sell.


You pay monthly instalments of 100 € into your investment funds. The number of units you buy with this amount varies each month as the markets fluctuate.

Month Invested Amount (ia) Market price per share (p) Number of subscribed shares (im/p)
January 100 10 10
February 100 10.4 9.62
March 100 11 9.09
April 100 10.4 9.62
May 100 9.8 10.2
June 100 9.2 10.87
July 100 8.7 11.49
August 100 8 12.5
September 100 8.7 11.49
October 100 9.4 10.64
November 100 10.1 9.9
December 100 10.5 9.52
1200 - 124.95

Your average acquisition price per share over the past year is 1,200 €/124.95 = 9.60.

Via your "Securities" space on My ING, you can place orders on 8 stock markets (Brussels, Paris, Amsterdam, Nasdaq, Amex, Nyse, London, Frankfurt)at any time. By placing your orders via the internet you also enjoy preferential rates.

At ING Luxembourg, we do not confine ourselves to ING funds. There is therefore no obstacle to subscribing to another financial institution's funds.

ING Luxembourg’s advisory management is ideal for you. Whether via Advisory Portfolio Management (APM) or the Financial Advisory Account (FAA), our specialists contact you to let you know the best market opportunities, while you make the decision to follow our advice or not.

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