FAQ - Savings

Money deposited in your Compte Vert Account or Young Adults Savings Account  is not blocked. It remains fully accessible in accordance with your needs. 

Unlike a savings account, when you invest money in a Medium-to-Long-Term Deposit it is blocked for its term. This enables you to receive a larger return. In the event of force majeure, however, it is entirely possible to break off the deposit before maturity, with penalties.

My ING, your secure space, allows you to consult your accounts free of charge – including your savings accounts – as well as conduct transactions, contact your relationship manager and so on.

Interest is calculated over the entire year and paid into the account on 31 December.

The interest shall be credited to you at the end of the deposit's term.

With the ING Luxembourg Junior Savings Account, you can provide for your children's future at a very favourable interest rate.

For more convenience, your term deposit shall be renewed on maturity for the same term. If in the meantime there have been changes on the money markets the interest rate shall be modified. If you do not want the deposit to be renewed automatically, simply let us know at the latest 2 days before its maturity.

For two months after he or she reaches the age of 12, your child has the possibility of withdrawing the balance through his or legal representative(s).

Between the ages of 12 and 18, though the capital remains blocked until the age of legal majority, the holder can in agreement with his or her legal representative(s) withdraw the interest each year.

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