Discretionary Management

At ING Private Banking, we cater to the individual needs of all our clients. You might prefer an ultra-personalised service – especially when it concerns your net wealth. If this is the case, our tailor-made discretionary management is made for you. We can provide you with expert guidance, personalised, professional services, and access to experienced investment managers. Your discretionary portfolio will draw from a broad range of investment solutions giving you access to markets and opportunities around the world.


You entrust the investment decisions to a team of experts. You can be sure that the right decisions are made at the right time, in line with your investment strategy.


A dedicated portfolio manager is in charge of managing your assets for you, according to your specific needs and investment strategy.

Tailor made

You describe your needs, expectations and ambitions, and we will propose a tailored strategy based on your personal and professional situation.

Rigorous method

Your portfolio manager uses a disciplined management method and regularly reviews the variety of securities available in your portfolio. 


You will receive a comprehensive report including a statement of your assets and the achieved performance.


Our risk managers control the implementation of the investment strategy and assess the risk taken in each portfolio on an individual basis.

A dedicated manager for ultra-personalised support

You can benefit from the services of a manager dedicated specifically to you. He or she will meet up with you at the start of your agreement in order to identify your requirements clearly and explain the construction of your portfolio to you in greater detail. If you wish, he or she will contact you on a regular basis. This manager will take all the decisions needed to implement the investment strategy defined by ING Private Banking in accordance with your profile.

A rigorous management method

To ensure the best possible management of your wealth, our investment management team applies a rigorous, disciplined management method and regularly reviews the range of securities that make up your portfolio. These are assessed not only in relation to your investment strategy but also by taking into account market indices, which function as a benchmark against which to compare your portfolio's performance.

You can keep an eye on the evolution of your assets at all times

You will receive a report including a statement of your assets and the achieved performance during your visits or upon request. This report can also be consulted from the comfort of your home by logging onto My ING, your secure online-banking profile on the www.ing.lu website.

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