Advisory management

We advise, you decide

You benefit from professional investment advice while remaining  in charge of any decisions.


A financial expert will be personally dedicated to you and will be your privileged contact for financial advice.

Tailor made

You get a personalised service tailored to your circumstances, investment objectives, risk threshold and expectations.

Strategy review

Our experts can evaluate the investment strategy you have implemented so far. 


You will get proactive advice from your portfolio manager on a regular basis.


You determine the frequency and the way you want to be contacted by your dedicated advisor.

Advisory management

If you enjoy the freedom of choosing your investments yourself but do not have the time or the best financial information to analyse all the opportunities offered by the markets, we can provide you with a solution: advisory management.

What is advisory management?

Advisory management guarantees you a range of advisory and portfolio management services regarding all types of investments. You will get proactive advice on a regular basis.

We use a rigorous process to assess your circumstances and agree your investment objectives with you. By sharing your investment ideas with our investment professionals, you will benefit from their specialist knowledge.

The nature and frequency of your contact with your advisor will be based on your preferences. Whatever your chosen involvement, you always remain in charge of any decisions.

Our goal is to help you invest with confidence.

A team at your service

A dedicated financial expert will be assigned to you. He or she will be your primary point of contact for advice, financial information or executing transactions.

Your dedicated expert will consider your investment profile and align their strategic advice with your specific needs, goals, time horizon, and risk and reward expectations. Even though you manage your own investment portfolio, you can still benefit from their extensive industry knowledge and views.

Meanwhile, your usual advisor will remain at your disposal as part of your overall relationship management.

You can keep an eye on the evolution of your assets at all times

You will receive a report including a statement of your assets and the achieved performance during your visits or upon request. This report can also be consulted from the comfort of your home by logging onto MyPrivateBanking, your secure online-banking profile on the website.

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