What is a Business plan?

As a small entrepreneur or self-employed person, writing a business plan may not seem interesting. Isn't it enough to have a good idea? Entrepreneurship definitely starts with a good idea. Then it's smart to put your idea into practice in a business plan. This doubles your chances of success. Reasons enough to go into detail about the business plan. 

 What is a business plan?

In a business plan you explain how you want to set up your company: you map out all the opportunities, competition and potential customers. Handy for yourself ... and for potential investors! A successful career as an entrepreneur starts with writing a business plan.

What does a business plan contain?

  • Who are you, what is your idea and what needs are you going to meet?
  • What does the market look like? Here you describe your target group and the competition.
  • What is your marketing plan? Here you explain the different resources and develop a marketing mix.
  • What does your financial plan look like? This part contains an overview of the expected turnover, the costs and of course the profit that you expect to make.
  • Which general matters do you want to explain? These are all important matters that have not been mentioned yet, such as for example a patent, zoning plans or doing business abroad. 

Different types of business plans

In addition to a standard business plan, there are other forms of business plans, such as the Business Model Canvas. This is a business plan on 1 page in which you build your idea clearly with 9 building blocks. You can easily adjust this dynamic plan and grow with your company so that you can make adjustments quickly. You can find example canvases on the internet.

What does a business plan contain?

A business plan is useful for yourself, but also important for applying for financing. It allows our advisors to determine how we can help you with financing.

For a fluid application process, you can, in addition to your business plan, send the following two documents:

  • The Income Tax return
  • As much information as possible about the companies in the legal structure


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