What makes the ING Night Marathon Luxembourg so unique?

The ING Night Marathon Luxembourg is back on May 20 2023! More than 17,000 runners, in all disciplines, are expected to take part in the 16th edition. Since it started in 2006, this annual sports event has been growing in popularity. Every year, it is sold out. Why does this marathon provoke so much passion among spectators and runners?

A festive sports event

First of all, the friendly and festive atmosphere with the distribution of goodies, many activities, in particular for children, and entertainment throughout the city. For this edition, a Gëlle-Fra Marathon Party will be organised on the Place de la Constitution; the Petrusse valley will be lit up for the occasion with colourful lanterns; music groups, as well as DJs, will be present all along the race circuit and a big and spectacular marquee is planned at the Glacis.

The fervour of the public is always very impressive. Most of the runners – except the members of a relay team – have their first names printed on their bib numbers and can be personally encouraged. For many runners, it is motivating to see people, that they do not know, yelling their names or clapping in their hands while running. Inhabitants of Luxembourg City also contribute to the special atmosphere of that event. For example, in 2017, the heat was so stifling for the runners that some residential spectators have spontaneously pulled out their garden hose to spray the runners as they came by.

The apotheosis is, of course, the end of the race at the nightfall at Luxexpo (Kirchberg) in a redecorated hall with lights, pyrotechnics and PA system.

A quality organisation

The ING Night Marathon Luxembourg is organised with the support of a large number of local sportive and cultural associations. The Luxembourgish Federation of Athletics (Féderation Luxembourgeoise d’Athlétisme or FLA) watch over the official character of the race. More than 1,000 volunteers, the Grand Ducal Police, the National Roads Administration, the Luxembourg Rescue Agency in collaboration with the Red Cross and the Grand Ducal Fire and Rescue Corps as well as all the municipal services of the city also contribute to the success of the marathon.

Many facilities are made available for the runners. Refreshment points are placed at every 2.5 km from 5 km on and provide water, orange juice, sports drink, fruits and even Cola after km 30. Participants who want to stop or are injured can benefit from medical support and free rides. The after-finish area offers separate changing rooms and showers for men and women, a band aids station, catering and even free massage sessions.

An exceptional course

The ING Night Marathon Luxembourg is well known for its exceptional course: from the Kirchberg business district to Luxexpo through the Limpertsberg residential area, the municipal park, the Knuedler (Place Guillaume II), the Grand-Rue, the Station district, the Petrusse valley and the Red Bridge. According to many runners, the course is also one of the most difficult in Europe because it goes up and down constantly and contains numerous bends. The end, in particular, is the strongest part with the long climb from the Red Bridge to Luxexpo. But do not we say that the more difficult it is, the more rewarding it is?

In any case, despite or thanks to these difficulties, this sports event attracts each year more and more runners, from all ages and all nationalities. For this 14th edition, more than 100 nationalities are represented, the youngest runner is 3 years old and the oldest 83 years old! The ING Night Marathon Luxembourg is not only a sports events, it is above all an intercultural and intergenerational event.

So, do not miss what many consider as the must-see event of the year in Luxembourg. You won’t be disappointed. You will find more information on http://www.ing-night-marathon.lu/en/.

[1] Marathon, half marathon, minimarathon for children from 10 years (4,2 km), mini minimarathon for young children born after December 31, 2000 (1km), team run (a relay team of 4 runners on 42,195 km), 5k run for success (5 km) and roll & run (for sports enthusiasts on wheels). 


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