7 tips to survive a job loss

Bad news: you have just lost your job and you didn’t expect that to happen. It is a stressful experience but you have to get back to the top as soon as possible. Here are 7 tips to help you to bounce back fast.

Get over the initial shock and keep calm

Firstly, don’t take out your frustration on your boss and your colleagues. You would make things worse. Secondly, don’t try to know why you are fired. You would waste your time.  Try instead to negotiate, if it is possible, the terms of your dismissal (higher termination pay, longer notice period, etc.) and ask if the company provides psychological support. 

And don’t get any job offer. You will regret it later. Take at least two or three weeks off, the time the pressure drops. 

Have a handle on your finances

Make a financial statement. Do you have savings? Are you eligible to unemployment benefits? How much termination pay do you get from your employer? Then create a survival budget for the next months. Cut back on unnecessary expenses and avoid, where possible, getting into debt, even if you have to reach agreements with your creditors. Tightening your belt during a few months is better than taking a job that is not right for you.

Take care of you

Even if it is tempting, don’t let yourself go. Keep doing what you normally do outside working hours. If you never had hobbies when you were employed, it is now time to find some. Maintain a positive self-esteem by taking the time to stay attractive, eat healthy and make sport. The most important thing is not becoming a hermit! 

Stay focused on the future

Losing your job can be an opportunity. Do you really want to do the same kind of job? Wouldn’t it be the time to make new career choices by going back to school or undertaking training sessions? You can also ask a professional like a career counsellor or contact directly the national employment administration (Agence pour le Développement de l’Emploi - Adem) to help you to make things clearer.  

Use all your networks

Networking is the best way to find a new job. Be active in professional social media like LinkedIn. Participate in networking activities. Visit the site of the companies you are interested in working for. Stay informed about the conferences, workshops and professional meetings in your field. Subscribe to professional associations. Don’t stay isolate and grow your online and offline visibility.

Make the best of every day

Train yourself to plan the upcoming days. Which steps will you take this week to find a new job? Who will you get in touch with? Pull your resume out, update it and customize it. Take time to prepare for your job interviews. But don’t overload your schedule. It is better to do a little bit every day rather than all day one day a week.  

Be patient and never lose courage

Tenacity will be your best friend to find a new job. Did you know the story of this homeless man who has handed out his CV on the Paris Metro? An Internet user has posted his CV onto her Facebook page and Twitter account and the post has been shared for more than 3 000 times! After his plight went viral, the former member of the French air force has been offered a job. Everything is possible, if you believe…


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