Views from the top #3: Nicolas Mackel & Damien Degros

Six months after the Paperjam Top 100 ceremony, ING, partner of the event, caught up with three of the most important Luxembourg personalities of the Grand Duchy's business ecosystem.

On a bright but fresh day on the rooftop of the ING Luxembourg House opposite the train station. Nicolas Mackel, CEO Luxembourg for Finance spoke to Damien Degros, Head of Wholesale Banking, ING, in one of the most beautiful spots in the city center.

They discussed the implementation and consequences of digitisation and remote working. Join us to learn from this insightful conversation between two financial influencers imagining the working world of tomorrow.   Almost every part of the economy has been touched by the current crisis and the financial sector is no exception.

From an investment funds perspectives AuM dipped, in response to the markets and commercial banking prepared itself to support sectors of the real economy that were to be hit hard. On a day-to-day basis many banks had to transition to a remote home working model in a very short space of time and some wondered what the impact would be on their bottom line and the mental health of their staff.

Nicolas Mackel reports, “I think today we are looking at a financial industry that continues humming along reasonably well, actually quite well, if you will read the results of the big banks on a global scale, probably on an operational level by now, as you have said, people are getting tired of this situation, people are getting tired of working from home, there are also downsides to it.”

An ongoing question is whether the changes caused by the lockdown will stay or will the financial sector return to its previous working modality. “One of my conclusions, probably everyone is eager to get back to normal life, but for me it will be a new normal life. Meaning that we first we have to analyse the situation and conclude what was okay and could be improved and I think that's the first exercise.”

Damien Degros commented. What does it take to become an influencer? Damien Degros thinks it is based on more than just the role but also the values and experience of the person. Nicolas Mackel developed this, “I think, influence at the end of the day boils down to also credibility, it's being listened to……,….people take what that person says as something worthwhile…….to something that can help them make decisions, something that can help them advance, that is to me what influence ultimately boils down to. (Source: Paperjam)


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