You will find below a comparison of the European Central Bank (ECB) reference rates and the rates we offer you for your foreign-currency payments by card (debit or credit) in the European Economic Area (EU Cross Border*).

You will thus have a clear picture of the estimated charges linked to the use of your card abroad.

Moreover, as of the 19th of April 2020, an electronic notification** informing you of the margin in percentage between the rates we offer you for your card payments (debit or credit) and the reference rate of the European Central Bank will be sent just after you execute a transaction in one of the currencies below.

This notification will only be sent once a month per currency. Nevertheless, if you do several transactions in a non EUR currency during the same calendar month, a new notification will be sent following a transaction involving a currency change.

For example:

  •  On the 1st of the month following a transaction in PLN,  a first notification is sent
  • Between the 2nd and the 10th of the same month, few transactions in PLN are made but do not trigger a notification
  •  On the 11th of the same month following a transaction in DKK,  a new notification is sent
  • On the 17th of the month following a transaction in PLN, a new notification is sent 

You may opt-out at any time from these notifications via your general alerts on My ING. 

*Following the application of the European regulation on payments in the Europe zone.
**Available only with a My ING contract.

How can I interpret this table?

You can refer to it before making a purchase with your card. 

For example, during a stay in Poland: If you make a purchase with your credit card, you will pay the fee percentage shown in the table below in comparison with the ECB reference rate.

To obtain an estimate of the charges, visit the following website:

Currency ECB rates* Charges incurred by making a payment with a debit card (Visa Debit) Charges incurred by making a payment with a credit card (Visa)
BGN 1,9558 1,0015% 2,0016%
CHF 0,9681 0,8732% 1,8719%
CZK 25,362 0,4671% 1,4618%
DKK 7,461 0,9874% 1,9873%
HUF 390,43 0,1395% 1,131%
ISK 149,7 0,7628% 1,7605%
NOK 11,9635 0,4857% 1,4806%
PLN 4,277 0,8946% 1,8936%
RON 4,9729 0,3152% 1,3084%
SEK 11,6735 0,8242% 1,8224%
*date of last update: 23/07/2024  

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