Protect your wealth


Protect your family and their financial wellbeing especially for the cases where you are no longer there. 


The specific legal framework allows you to choose the beneficiaries that you want.


Thanks to the preferential tax treatment, you can derive certain benefits depending on your and/or your beneficiaries countries of residence.

What is a life insurance policy?

Life insurance is a form of investment which combines the following characteristics:

A range of financial investment vehicles

A specific legal framework

Preferential tax treatment

Life insurance as an investment is now a prerequisite since it meets both financial and material objectives. You no longer have to choose between wealth creation and wealth transmission: life insurance offers the prospect attractive returns within a legal framework which facilitates wealth transmission.

Food for thought: Matrimonial regime and marriage contract

You have been married for several years, in which country did you marry? Do you have a marriage contract? Is your contract still adapted to your personal and family life? Do you wish to make some amendments to your marriage contract?

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