Increase your investment power, diversification as well as liquidity within your securities portfolio.


General pledge of your securities portfolio benefiting from the credit.


Normally, this credit facility is granted for an indefinite period. However can be terminated at any time.

Tailor made

We help you build the solution that meets your interest rate, currency and schedule needs.


You do not have to sell your existing investments to take advantage of market opportunities.


As a universal bank, we can offer you comprehensive financial expertise at your disposal.

What is a lombard loan?

The Lombard loan facility allows you to obtain the necessary funds to invest in financial instruments within your Private Banking portfolio deposited and pledged to ING Luxembourg. It is therefore a form of leverage in the form of a portfolio of securities used as collateral in the loan.

We would be delighted to answer any questions on the subject and offer you a tailor-made solution.

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ING Luxembourg Private Banking Lending Products are exclusively limited to Private Banking clients. Any loan request must be approved by the bank’s committee and any loan granted will be subject to loan agreements duly signed by the parties.
Every leverage product involves significant risks of capital loss, especially in case of drop or disruption of the financial markets.

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