Update: The free money transfer to Ukraine is no longer in force since 02/01/2024.

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Luxembourg, 16/03/2022

We’ve seen it during previous humanitarian crises – we are surrounded by people who want to help those in need. Given the situation in Ukraine we want to make it easy to help so that, if you want to, nothing can stop you.

Send help directly to those who need it

We are making transfers to Ukraine in any currency free of charge during the month of March so you can offer financial support directly to family and friends. Remember that transfers in Euro to Poland, Romania, Hungary and Slovakia are also free of charge for transfers up to 50,000 EUR

Donate through UNICEF

In times like these, every Euro counts. We have joined all other donations to UNICEF in donating EUR 3 million. Together it will be used to provide psychosocial care to traumatised children and vital humanitarian supplies.

Support children and families across Ukraine by donating to UNICEF.

Support via Payconiq using the following QR code

In addition, ING has decided to refund the transaction fee for international payments to Ukraine from 1 March. The refund applies only to the fees charged by ING itself. We therefore recommend that you specify charges for 'OUR' account rather than 'SHA' (Shared) or 'BEN' (to be borne by the beneficiary) when submitting your transfer instructions.

Support via the Unicef website (credit card)

18€ 1 crisis package containing emergency supplies
26€ Warm clothes for 1 child
80€ Emergency water and hygiene kit

All help is welcome!

More information

And remember, as always, to keep your guard up against cybercriminals

It’s in times like these that fraud against well-intended people spike!

Be mindful if:

  • Someone you don’t know contacts you encouraging you to donate, download a file or an app to help Ukraine: it could be malware, phishing or a payment scam.
  • You receive an email, a SMS or a message on WhatsApp from “your bank” asking for a donation with a link. Remember that we would never send you an e-mail or SMS which links to a page inviting you to enter your login information. Only enter your login information on the official My ING or mobile app authentication page, and never reveal your login, card or PIN information by e-mail or telephone – even to ING.

You can find more information on the ways in which we will contact you, in order to help you identify e-mails or calls from potentially dubious sources on www.ing.lu/security.

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