Junior Savings 

Interest at a preferential rate
Capital and interest are blocked
No charges

What is a Junior Savings?

Provide  for your child’s future by opening an ING Luxembourg Junior Savings. The preferential interest rate on this savings account means that your child can build up savings to which he will only have access when he reaches adulthood.

The Junior Savings is an account in euros (EUR):

  • Interest is paid on your child’s money at a preferential rate.
  • The capital and interest are blocked until majority of the child. (see details below)
  • There are no charges: neither for management nor statements.
  • You always know the rate at which interest is paid on the money. The interest rate on the Junior Savings varies and is subject to change in line with money market conditions.

Unblocking the balance  and withdrawing interest

  • For two months after he reaches the age of 12, your child has the possibility of withdrawing the balance through his legal representative(s). 
  • Between the ages of 12 and 18, the capital remains blocked until your child reaches the age of 18, although he can withdraw the interest once a year, with the consent of his(her) legal representative(s).


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