A tried and tested sponsorship policy

ING has a tried and tested sponsorship policy at both the national and international level, whether it involves traditional sponsorship or corporate social responsibility.

Every request is evaluated in the light of ING Group’s sponsorship strategy. We exclusively support projects that fit into this overall strategy.

ING also has a transparent policy on corporate social responsibility. This policy shapes our contribution to a number of valuable social initiatives.

Further information about our sponsorship strategy, which is based on three strategic pillars, and our main projects can be found in the different sections:

Dans les différentes rubriques, vous trouverez de plus amples informations sur notre stratégie de sponsoring, laquelle repose sur trois piliers stratégiques, ainsi que nos principales actions :


Very active in the cultural sector, ING supports the world of art, particularly contemporary art.

ING wants to make art accessible to everyone. Let our sponsor partners inspire you in a way that works for you.


Music is a pillar of our sponsorship strategy.

ING has a passion for music because it is unifying and universal, and allows it to connect with everyone.


ING is the proud partner of the ING Night Marathon Luxembourg but also of other races organised across the country throughout the year!

Our company is also involved in the community life of the country’s football clubs.

Corporate social responsibility:

The fourth strategic pillar of our sponsorship policy is sustainable entrepreneurship. ING finances several projects that help solve social problems. Here too, we work closely with our clients, with full integrity.

ING does not support:

  • Religious or political organisations or events
  • School trips or student parties
  • Requests from individuals (athletes, singers, etc.)

Do you have a sponsorship request?

Send us an e-mail at: sponsoring@ing.lu

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